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Medical Technology

Technology allows a person to do many things. A person can track appointments, make calls, and even communicate with doctors from their smartphones. While this makes things easier there are some things that have to be kept in mind. Smartphones have to comply with HIPAA Regulation to make sure the confidential medical information of a patient stays confidential. There are some apps that can be used on a smartphone to ensure this sensitive information is not leaked to others. Visit http://www.medtunnel.com/ to learn more about free services that offer secure communication and patient data exchange mediums. Apps such as qlizConnect are HIPPA compliant apps that allow a patient to communicate with their doctor by text messaging. A person can text a doctor a picture or a description of the symptoms they are experiencing. The physician can request more information or send information back to the patient with this app. They can rest knowing that all of their communication is safe and secure.


All information, images, and other documents will be protected by this app. A doctor can even look up patient records or past prescriptions without having to worry if this private information is being leaked out. This app also allows a doctor to follow up on their patients. They do not have to call them back or worry about messages being left over voicemail. This program will arrange a follow up message that the patient can respond to. This will also be done securely on this system. Using HIPAA compliant programs such as qliaConnect can help save time. A patient will not have to schedule an appointment to come into the office. They will not have to wait for days until the doctor is available. The doctor can receive the text message and respond within a couple of minutes.

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They can help the patient without having to see them in person. The patient will not have to schedule anther appointment for a follow up visit. This app takes care of that as well. This can save time for both the patient and the doctor. The doctor can treat more people without having to extend their office hours or rush appointments. Technology including smartphones make life easier for many people. Now communicate with a doctor can even be done using a smartphone. HIPAA complaint programs make it safe and secure to send medical information by text message on the smartphone. A patient can receive the care they need without having to worry if their medical information will stay secure.